Zero to 60 in .8 Seconds

Zero to 60 in .8 seconds

The first time I shot for Jackson/Lombardo Racing,  the weather was far from good, it was overcast, it was cold and there was a lot of fog in the air. There are cars racing, one after another, after another and these guys are burning a lot of alcohol. It is in the air, it burns when you breathe, it’s sticky, it’s thick, and it’s really, really loud and I thought, I could do this for a long, long time.



Rick Jackson, who owns Centre Pointe Collision Centre and Valencia Body Shop, is the builder of their Alcohol Funny Car and partnered with racing legend John Lombardo Jr.  Together they have won multiple national event victories and set the Fastest National Speed record. They are the nicest guys, spending time with them is like being a part of the family and it is a heck of a lot of fun.



At Circle K NHRA Winternationals held at the Auto Club Raceway at the Pomona Fairplex, there are a lot of people taking pictures of the 3,500 horse power race cars racing 1,300 feet in less than 5.5 seconds. It’s a simple story, there’s a driver, there’s a motor, there’s a car on a track and he drives it forward extremely fast. The unique style of corporate journalism I have developed at Granbery Studios, allows me to tell the story of the car and the driver, in other words, the story of the story.



Heading out to the line-up I was given a team Jersey, and unlimited access, I get to record a day in the life of a Top Alcohol pro racer.  What I look for is in the little moments before, between and after the races that most can’t see due to access and location. My goal is to give the fans more of the team. There are deeply moving moments, like the priest visiting each driver as they are strapped into their cars during the last visual inspection in the lineup. These are the details I capture, to give loyal Jackson/Lombardo racing fans a personal, exciting, exclusive behind the scenes view.


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  1. Amazing Jeff. Having spent time in the pits at the Winternationals and bracket racing at Irwindale and OCIR I’ve seen the pro’s family spirit from the outside and look forward to your insight and images.

  2. Jeff as always your perspective is remarkable and your talent of capturing the moment on camera is beyond anything we’ve seen before. It’s my pleasure to welcome you in our pit area anytime your schedule permits, a sincere Thank you

    Rick Jackson

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