Where Did the Year Go?

When you read all the articles about blogging they say you, should put your highlights out as often as you can “at least once a week” (yea, right) I think that’s a good idea if you have extra time or a staff working for you, right?

Well, Blogger here is the short working man’s version.

Amgen – Live medical shoot
Orange County Interviews


As much as I want to write down all the incredible projects that we have done this year from medical shoots, cars shoots, green screen, still, video, CGI, 2K, 4K 5K, 6K HD, panoramic, VR, photo books, webcasts, live broadcast, set building, one camera, two cameras, three cameras, four camera, water, dust, boats, planes, drones, small crews, massive crews, no food for 14 hours and that’s just to get started.

DTLA 4 camera TV spot for Bare Minerals














I find myself find myself looking through my trusty iPhone, and that where they all live in a naked and raw form. Surrounded by my awesome fellow crewmates that gave give me so much support.


9500 individual portraits Rodan and Fields

So, instead of writing a thousand words on what we did, I figured that I’d just post a bunch of pictures here with some basic details. After all, that’s what we do, so why not share some.


If you want to know more about us, Call us! 949-515-0100 / 213-373-1099

Or email, chat, Google, Facetime, snail mail (don’t do that) like our facebook page, link-in to me, connect.


Just reach out, Oh and tell your friends you’re going to make some fantastic images and have a fun time while doing it. After all that why we all got into it. The joy of the shoot!


Let’s go 2017, bring it on.


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