The Shape of Things


It’s still February and already those good intentioned New Year resolutions may be getting lost among the priorities of our hectic lives. Were you going to focus on your health?      


One of the benefits of Granbery Studios having HIPPA certification and medical credentials for specialties like ORP (Operating Room Procedures) and BPC (Bloodborne Pathogens), is that we get to work on some really interesting projects in the healthcare field. 


We met some people that made big health-related changes in their lives when DevicePharm asked us to shoot a series of testimonial videos. 




Mariam lost 62 pounds, Charlie lost over 80 pounds, and these are just a few of the stories we heard. 


Rather than having a spokesperson talk about the ReShape program, they wanted to showcase actual happy customers achieving their health care goals.



Granbery Studios handled all technical aspects of filming the personal testimonial and behind the scenes footage.



As a one-stop shop, we supplied the two camera video crew, lighting, audio, and equipment.



Several stories were told over the two days of filming. The project was a success all around. Guidance from Katherine Wiseman, Amber Chao, Teri Larsen, Joseph Banuelos and the whole DevicePharm team made it all happen and the results are in the videos.



An extra, personal bonus was the opportunity to work again side-by-side, with my friend and mentor Walter Urie, who took all the still photography featured on the site. We filmed him working his craft and that footage also made it into some of the individual videos.



ReShape was founded in 2005 and is based in San Clemente, California. The success of this small company caught the eye of EnteroMedics and as of fall 2017, operates as their subsidiary.


A project like this just goes to show that good people, working together can do great things.


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