Subaru Commercial

Granbery Studios was off to beautiful Santa Clarita, California! After collaborating with Rick Graves Productions, our creative graphics reel awarded us the opportunity to work with Subaru. Our involvement was to help produce 4 different commercials for Subaru’s newest model of the Legacy brand. The key feature in this particular model was the onboard forward-looking stereo camera. The camera prevents and warns the driver of possible dangers that may come into its view.


After being awarded this project, we only had nine days before production started. We immediately started working with The Designory in creating a unique look and feel for the new Subaru model. In order to capture just the right look, we used Pursuit System’s Porsche Cayenne with a 12-foot arm to capture some remarkable chase and lead shots. We also used multiple Canon 5D MKII DSLR cameras along the roadway to take advantage of some great drive-by sequences.




This technical shoot immediately brought many logistical challenges. The tight hills of Lake Castaic and Santa Clarita required multiple road closures from local police and precision drivers. The challenges coming into this shoot ended in our greatest rewards. We were proud to deliver a product including pre-production, multiple shooting locations, post-production 3-D modeled graphics, crew, and talent and all edited less than 27 days.


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