The Nissan Titan Experience

Sometimes documenting a huge project requires a small crew. When Nissan introduced their second-generation Titan they wanted to go big. So, Nissan turned to the innovators of experience marketing, George P. Johnson to engage and excite truck proponents in a massive way and Granbery Studios was there to capture the enormity of the event on film.

To imagine and design the experience, took 5 ½ months of planning. Diverse terrain in Arizona was transformed to create two massive off-road custom courses – spanning 125 miles – to showcase every functional and extraordinary feature of the new Titan. There were smooth highways, crazy off-road rock trails, and steep inclines leading to the top of mountains to drive, as well as feats of hauling heavy payloads to perform. These hills and thrills allowed drivers to test the works.

Granbery Studios sent a crew of two people to tackle the job. One to capture, edit and provide still images for on-the-spot social media and documentation and a second to video every aspect of the event. We worked hard and long, but I’m not going to lie, the whole adventure was phenomenal.

We were welcomed with an evening reception and luxurious overnight stay at a Four Seasons Resort. After a delicious, hearty breakfast, we were off to try the new Titans. In addition to feeling the truck’s smooth ride on the multiple surfaces of the custom courses, guests were able to fully explore its powerful capabilities. We also saw the truck from all angles, thanks to the elevated truck display. The Cargo Demo showed how various types of large, heavy gear could be loaded into the truck bed and it set up the trucks for a payload drive experience. Guests tested Nissan’s hookup assist and safety system in the Towing Experience. It was easy to drop the ball hitch and go. In this case, go about 40 miles, up and down hills, pulling 9,600lb!

When the drive and ride experience was over, there was more work to be done. This event was to run for weeks and our video was to be a feature piece of the advertising. Within 48 hours of intense editing the video was in the hands of George P. Johnson to promote the event, serve as a proof of concept, be used in social media, and documentary the story of the tremendous event, heralding the arrival of the second-generation Nissan Titan.

5.7.16 Titan Experience Master v5.5 from Jeff Granbery on Vimeo.

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