Lighting Things Up With Electronic Arts

When EA hosts its 3-day gaming festival EA PLAY for thousands and broadcasts images to fans throughout the gaming community, it should be spectacular, and it is. Granbery Studios specializes in dramatic event coverage and looks forward to this event every year. 

Opportunities for exciting and arresting images are abundant. 

This year the new FIFA game features the Champions League. Here we go behind the scenes of Creators Cup livestream.  

We’d never get the opportunity to get these dramatic images if it wasn’t for the incredible talent of the teams that produce this event. Plumbago Media Design and Events,  provided live show production, press event stage design, and comprehensive event services management, connecting EA fans around the world via broadcasts, community content, competitions and more.

Completely transforming the historic Hollywood Palladium into a game experience festival venue.

Lightswitch designed lighting for the entire experience including the indoor “Creator’s Cave” and outdoor “Fan Fest” for broadcast and the live audience.  

The Fan Fest also included a live entertainment festival-style stage with 12+hours of live entertainment each day.  Lightswitch designed and directed lighting that was visible in daylight and brought the outdoor stage to life throughout the day. 

WorldStage, the primary AV vendor, provided everything from video display to audio to IT networks for the innovative family-friendly event. The entire project was technically complex, requiring a lot of coordination between vendors, clients and production companies.

Thanks, as well to the vision of Creative Director, Jeffrey Hornaday, Granbery Studios captured 100’s of unique and dramatic perspectives of the event, like these developers revealing their games in front of excited fans. 

This image captures the dramatic lighting of the stage, the earnestness of the developer, and the provocative mood of the new game Sea of Solitude. Check it out for yourself in the link and be sure to check out all our links for more information about the event and its producers. Here’s our link. Give us a shout! We’d love to showcase the work you do. 

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