Hips Don’t Lie – Complex Medical Photography for Depuy

Timing is everything, especially when photographing a live surgery. You need to be prepared and move fast because medical photography does not allow for second chances.


When it came time to shoot for healthcare solution company Depuy, Granbery Studios was put to the task of filming a live hip replacement operation. Depuy was looking to create a step by step photo demonstration of the surgery being performed by Dr. Stephen Ralph Myers FACS, a skilled orthopedic surgeon with almost 30 years of experience.


Dr. Stephen Ralph Myers FACS


The big concern for the shoot was the look and angle of the photos. A brightly lit OR causes photos to have blown out lighting and dark spots… not exactly the effect you want when demonstrating how to perform a surgery. And how could the camera get into the action happening in the small operating room while not getting in the way of a real, live surgery?


But first, let me take a selfie…


Since the OR was already filled with bright lighting, we had to counteract this by placing intense lights on the subject to balance the shot. Once lighting was taken care of, it was just time to figure out where to place the camera. Although Jeff has all of the necessary certifications to film during a live medical procedure, he was going to have to come up with a more creative solution than just standing near the Doctor and filming.


By using all of his own components, Jeff was able to take a film jib and convert it into a moving still jib which allowed the camera to move freely in a wide variety of angles.

Bright Lights, Big Jib


With the jib, there was now a complete over the shoulder viewpoint of Dr. Myers every action. This medical “peek a boo” shot gave an unobtrusive view of the surgery without ever being in the way of Dr. Myers. The client was able to view the footage from a monitor and when they saw an image they liked, Jeff simply grabbed the shot.


And the end result?



Clear, balanced photos that told the visual story of the hip replacement surgery and a very happy client. And when the client is happy, we’re happy!


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