Genesis Open

When you go to a big event, exhibits can transform the venue.  The distinctive atmosphere of the 2017 Genesis Open was set and enhanced by Czarnowski experience centers. Granbery Studios was asked to capture the essence of these temporary structures using our exclusive style of Architectural Journalism Jeff has developed over his 20 years working in the industry.

genesis_open_Samples_NOT FINAL_GRAN2779
North Facing 18th Hole Genesis Experience Center

Had the project been shot as originally planned, these exhibit images would be shrouded in gray, stormy skies. However, priding itself on considering details, Granbery Studios consulted prevailing weather patterns and suggested an alternative shooting schedule that provided the beautiful blue sky background.

genesis_open_Samples_NOT FINAL_GRAN3279
Grand Entrance

Granbery Studios Architectural Journalism comprehensively documents interaction with architecture in and around the spaces, including how they are built, staged, and used to engage. At this event, we showcased how the cars became an integral experience for attendees within the event.


Two months in the making and more in planning, the experience centers appear both unique to the event and organic on the Riviera Country Club golf course.  Czarnowski is a full-service exhibit and event marketing company that produces brand experiences for the world’s most forward-thinking organizations.


genesis_open_Samples_NOT FINAL_GRAN2901
West Facing 18th Hole Genesis Experience Center




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