Executives Turned Rock Stars !!!

For a lot of people, day to day business is conducted in the office. Sitting at a desk, staring at a screen, on the phone, or in meetings, getting the job done is hours of hard work that is hardly glamorous. For most executives, there’s also a part of their job that plays out before the public. At public events; launches, trade shows, charity events, and parties – in front of clients, stockholders, employees and the press – all eyes turn to the speaker and that is their moment to become a Rock Star. These moments, later end up online, in newsletters and stockholder updates, many times these same images are also used in publications around the world. 

Granbery Studios captures dynamic imagery of powerful people connecting with the public.

IBM’s CEO Ginni Rometty is as mesmerizing interviewing on the conference floor as she is speaking to a packed stadium.

With years of experience incorporating the essential elements of the atmosphere, we create a visual story that connects the people to their brand.

When you’re the one standing in the spotlight, we will make you shine. 

Images that convey the power of the message and capture the executive’s communication in style.

The power of the speaker, lighting direction, and a touch of psychology are our tools…we make executives look like rock stars and that’s no joke. 

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