Executives Turned Rock Stars !!!

For a lot of people, day to day business is conducted in the office. Sitting at a desk, staring at a screen, on the phone, or in meetings, getting the job done is hours of hard work that is hardly glamorous. For most executives, there’s also a part of their job that plays out before

Urban Decay Cosmetics – Live Feed – Filming with an Edge

When Urban Decay came to us to do their first ever LIVE celebrity webcast we knew it was going to be epic. Urban Decay creates high-performance cosmetics in an insane range of shades, beauty with an edge™ and has a massive social following. The webcast introduced their joint venture with Ruby Rose, a special-edition line

Embracing Webcasts

How do you keep the lines of communication open when your company is expanding at an exponential rate and your employees are spread throughout southern California?   SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union became an early adopter of secure webcast transmissions. Twice a month, every month, for over 6 years, SchoolsFirst has entrusted Granbery Studios to broadcast internal all