Kobe at the “Rose Bowl” – Working as a Team to Fake the Future

. It was just after Christmas when I got the text, “You’re on, you’re filming Kobe tomorrow at 11” and with that, in twelve hours, this happened: . . Late December we began work with one of our favorite customers, Corporate Magic on a segment for the Rose Parade. Producer Stephen Dahlem asked Granbery Studios

110,000 Customers and Growing – A Look Inside Mesa Water

Where does all your water come from? Who makes sure that it’s high-quality, safe, and reliable when it reaches your home? Granbery Studios got to go behind the scenes and learn more about our local water supply while working with Mesa Water.  Mesa Water is an AAA-rated independent special district providing water to businesses and 110,000 residents

Lighting Things Up With Electronic Arts

When EA hosts its 3-day gaming festival EA PLAY for thousands and broadcasts images to fans throughout the gaming community, it should be spectacular, and it is. Granbery Studios specializes in dramatic event coverage and looks forward to this event every year.  Opportunities for exciting and arresting images are abundant.  This year the new FIFA game

Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach – Not just about the cars

When shooting events like a car race, there are so many dramatic moments to capture as the vehicles speed down the track. You need to keep one eye on the cars, and the other focused on the stories. In the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, the city itself is a dramatic backdrop and a part of the

Executives Turned Rock Stars !!!

For a lot of people, day to day business is conducted in the office. Sitting at a desk, staring at a screen, on the phone, or in meetings, getting the job done is hours of hard work that is hardly glamorous. For most executives, there’s also a part of their job that plays out before

Being Part of Something Bigger

The news just broke that a crime victims bill of rights measure will go on the Florida ballot in November. For many years we worked on the Marsy’s Law project, doing interviews and documenting many parts of the campaign. Part of being a visual storyteller is that every story is different and some have more impact than others. This

The Shape of Things

  It’s still February and already those good intentioned New Year resolutions may be getting lost among the priorities of our hectic lives. Were you going to focus on your health?         One of the benefits of Granbery Studios having HIPPA certification and medical credentials for specialties like ORP (Operating Room Procedures) and BPC

Architectural Photojournalism – What’s it all about?

    What is Architectural Photojournalism? It is an exclusive style of photography that I have cultivated over 20 years in the industry.  In a nutshell, it is a moment with a personal connection to an environment.  With so many different types of media these days, many clients are looking for a bigger picture. Companies

The Nissan Titan Experience

Sometimes documenting a huge project requires a small crew. When Nissan introduced their second-generation Titan they wanted to go big. So, Nissan turned to the innovators of experience marketing, George P. Johnson to engage and excite truck proponents in a massive way and Granbery Studios was there to capture the enormity of the event on